We Have Moved Again!

Moving Boxes

As some old friends would know, this is the second time we have moved our E-commerce service site. This move would free up the primary site for it to become a more general to all of our categories.

The last address we used is the primary site at hailiga.org but since we have countless of websites, we have decided to make hailiga.org a company introduction instead.

We had spent days working on this website since 4th March 2018, thus making it better looking than the original. It is also well organised and free of messy navigations. In the process, a new theme named "IGA Standard Theme 2" was created. This is the newest addition to our Standard Theme Series with our newest template. Sadly, the Standard Theme Series is not available to the public without modification.


Sad Puppy

The only disadvantage is that the theme is so well scripted that additional CSS would interfere it. Therefore most of the pages are using a framework, resulting in double scrollbars. On certain devices, the mouse had to hover on the individual scrollbar to scroll. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the double scrollbars.

We had also changed the account database, the existing accounts had been transferred to here. You can log in using the old email address and password. New users, however, will have to register here. Please note that due to technical incompatibilities, accounts will not be linked with other IGA websites. Upon your request, we could manually link your account to the entire HAILIGA.ORG Network. Submit the request at hailiga.org/network-linkage


IGA Alpha Test Icon

Right now we are working on finalising Alpha version. You can sign up for the Alpha Test now and we will inform you about it through email. Alpha Tester will have a chance to win a fully built Shopify dropping store worth $10, 000* + IGA Marketing Service (100k+ visits) worth $214, 000**!

*Fully built Shopify store value is estimated using 2017 Average Shopify Project Cost published by Shopify.
**IGA Marketing Service of 100, 000 visits is valued using 2016 Average Pay Per Click cost of $2.14 per click.

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